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phoebus - The Amazing Adventures of Sid - Week 3
San Francisco, Sausalito, Monterey
East along Sutter Street
Looking east along Sutter Street outside my hotel.
Angel Island from Sausalito
Angel Island across the bay from Sausalito.
Mist over Sausalito Hills
And the mist rolls in. It misses Sausalito and goes down into the bay.
Wandered around town for a little while in the morning and then went and got the car from the valet at the hotel. Drove out over the Golden Gate, which was entirely covered in fog so that you couldn't see more than fifty feet in front, and stopped off at a vista point just off the exit to the bridge. There wasn't actually anything to see since the fog coming in off the Pacific had entirely enveloped the bay, so I continued back on to the road down to Sausalito. Sausalito is a very nice little town with lots of clothes shops and
South along Main Street in Sausalito
Looking south along Main Street in Sausalito.
galleries. I parked just outside town and walked along the marina shore into the main part of town. Stopped off in a sweater shop next to the ferry terminal and bought a very
North along Main Street in Sausalito
Looking north along Main Street in Sausalito.
nice brown suede jacked ($125 reduced from $250 - it's the Labour Day sale). Discovered from the shop owner (a South American) that San Francisco is famous for the encroaching fog (can't be that famous, I've never heard of it) which generally starts moving in around 3pm and by 6pm has covered the whole bay. Sausalito thankfully remains relatively clear and so was still sunny by the time I came to leave. Drove back over the bridge (through the "famous" fog) and left the car with the valet. Went to dinner in a Chinese restaurant (which was quite nice) and went for a wander around town to see what was going on. Most places were closed and those that were open were practically deserted, so I finished the evening with a couple of drinks in a local bar.
South along Golden Gate Bridge
Looking south along the Golden Gate Bridge with the fog rolling in.
Muir Beach
Muir Beach.
Set off earlier to Sausalito to try and beat the fog and failed dismally. The fog was already thick and had obviously been there all day, so I ate lunch in Sausalito (where the fog isn't) and drove around the coast roads for a few hours stopping at beaches and headlands every so often. On Muir Beach, on the Pacific Side of the headland where there is no sun at all, there several lunatic surfers, chancing their lives with the large waves and rocks along the shore. I drove back over the Golden Gate and along Fisherman's Wharf, one of the main tourist attractions in the area. Dropped the car off with the valet and headed back to the room to change for dinner. Spoke to Emma who had just flown in; she was waiting at the airport for her friend Ranjit who had missed a flight and wouldn't be in until 9pm so they were just going to their hotel to sleep. Went for dinner in the hotel restaurant
Seagull on Bonnet
This is not a model. The huge seagull actually landed on my bonnet for about five minutes.
Golden Gate from Tamalpais Valley
The Golden Gate Bridge from the Tamalpais Valley.
and sat at the bar for a little while before hitting the sack.
North across Union Square
Looking north across Union Square.
Bar in Union Square
The bar we went to in Union Square.
Northwest across Union Square
Looking northwest across Union Square.
Met Emma and Ranjit in Union Square and went to the San Francisco Shopping Mall and wandered around (they, naturally, bought some clothes) and then ate lunch in the food mall in the basement. Then we walked around some more shops for a while longer and headed to a bar for drinks. Walked back to the hotel where the girls dropped off their stuff in my room and went to the hotel restaurant for dinner. Decided not to go anywhere else as the girls were knackered (very unladylike, I must say) and sat in the bar drinking. A mad, very drunk American woman was wandering around, embarrassing her husband and talking to everyone, finding out where they were from and attempting to copy their accents, badly.
Alcatraz 1
Alcatraz near the ferry port. The main jailhouse is a walk up a steep hairpin road.
Alcatraz 3
One of the cell rows in Alcatraz.
Solitary Cell in Alcatraz
Inside one of the normal cells.
Cell in Alcatraz
Inside one of the solitary cells. There is another door outside that has no windows.
Picked up Emma and Ranjit down on McAllister Street, drove down to Pier 42 to park and picked up our Alcatraz tickets and waited for the boat. Departed on the boat at 11.15 and
Pier 39 Sea Lions
Not slugs, sea lions next to Pier 39.
Pier 39
Lower deck of Pier 39 with somewhat fewer people than before.
San Fran through Golden Gate
A view of San Francisco through the Golden Gate Bridge.
made our way over to Alcatraz. Alcatraz was very interesting. We hired an audio tour that takes you all around the prison at the top of the rock, including all the normal and solitary cells, and plays interviews of past prisoners and correctional officers. The rock also gave excellent views of the city and the Golden Gate and Bay bridges. Thankfully it was very sunny and no fog seemed to be around. After we got the ferry back to the pier, we wandered around Pier 39 for a while and had lunch in a restaurant. Then we drove over
View South along Golden Gate
Looking south along the Golden Gate Bridge - with no fog!
the Golden Gate Bridge and down to Sausalito and walked around there for a while. Afterwards we went to the beach and the view points I went to a couple of days ago, this time providing much better views of the city. Went back to our respective hotels for a rest and then we went out for dinner to a restaurant called Max's, which was pretty good. Drank a bit and then went back to the hotel as the girls were tired (still jet-lagged I guess).
Northwest from Macy's
Looking northwest from the Cheesecake Factory.
Met Emma and Ranjit and went for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory at the top of Macy's in Union Square, under Rich's recommendation. Nice food, on the top floor so a good view as well. After that we walked around the shops for a little while and then I went to drop the car off at the Dollar place in San Francisco airport. I hired a Dodge Neon for the next
Union Square from Macy's
Looking down on Union Square from the Cheesecake Factory.
three weeks to be dropped off in Portland, Oregon. Not a bad car I suppose, but drives a bit like a skateboard, although it does have a CD player and central locking with the key fob, which the Intrepid didn't. We decided that eating a large meal before going out was a mistake the night before, so this time I grabbed a Chinese take away and ate in my room. Met up with the girls afterwards and had a couple of drinks in the hotel bar before going out to find other bars. We found an Irish bar a few blocks down the road and stayed there for the rest of the evening. Quite packed at first, it slowly dissipated but the music stayed loud and the bar was still kicking so it was quite good all in all. Left the bar at about 2am and staggered (the girls staggering far more than I, they were somewhat of a handful) back to the hotel where the girls got a cab back to their hotel.
San Fran to Monterey Coast
Looking down at the coast from Monterey to San Francisco.
I drove around for a while looking for the girls (we hadn't arranged to meet anywhere specific). I discovered they were still awaiting arrival of their car at Alamo and were eating lunch around the corner so I stopped off at a deli and grabbed some food, by which time their car was available and we set off out of San Francisco towards Monterey. We drove out
San Fran to Monterey Coast
Looking north along the coast from Monterey to San Francisco.
through Golden Gate Park, which was very large and packed with people, although the park was very nice and featured several different areas of plants. Having got to the coast, we headed south and stopped off a few times at various point of interest for views. We drove through Santa Cruz and I noticed that Richard and I must have got very lost the other day when driving up the coast as it took no time at all this time and looked much nicer. We finally arrived in Monterey and found the Motel that the girls were booked into. There weren't any rooms spare so I went next door and booked a room there. Both places were a little way out of town and so a drive was necessary to get there. After a little while we went into town (Emma drove) and after wandering around for a little while ate dinner in an Italian restaurant. The food was very nice and at the end the wrong bill was brought to us. Since it was for considerably less than we'd had (about half) we paid and left. Nice.
Fish in Monterey Aquarium
Some fish in Monterey Aquarium.
I went over to the girls' room around 11am and we set off to downtown. We drove out to the aquarium and Cannery Row (which is apparently famous) and parked the car (Emma was driving again). We walked to the aquarium and went in. Monterey aquarium is quite large and has many different rooms with several large tanks containing all sorts of underwater life, including a few sea otters, leopard sharks, rays, tuna (huge), to name but a few. After the aquarium we walked around Canner Row before getting back to the car and driving
Jellyfish in Monterey Aquarium
A jellyfish in Monterey Aquarium.
into downtown proper. Parked and walked around Fisherman's Wharf (very touristy) and noticed that there was only a couple of sea lions left after the hundred that were there the other day. Walked back into town and wandered around for a bit before getting back to the car. We decided to eat before going out on the town so we bought some stuff for dinner and headed back to the motels. Ate dinner in the girls' room and headed out for the evening about 10pm. We got a cab into town and went to a martini bar called LollaPaloosa (I
Pier in Monterey
The pier at Fishermans Wharf in Monterey.
think - Rich and I ate there a few nights ago) for a few drinks. We left there at closing time (about 11) and walked around looking for somewhere else. Needless to say on a Sunday night things were a little dead, so we ended up in the Mucky Duck 'English' bar (another place Rich and I went to) and drank there until close. The barwoman for quite shirty at the end because we forgot to leave a tip and she started claiming to her friend (a bloke who had been annoying us for a while) that she'd stayed open just for us. She was moaning about it so loudly that she definitely wasn't going to get a tip after that, so we left.
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